What is behind NOA?

What is behind NOA?

NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA) was originally created with a focus on freeing data from brownfield facilities. A lot of process information is held in field devices and has never managed to reach the control and equipment management levels. This is where NOA comes in and provides the technological option of making selected data available to the control level in a secure and standardised manner, without any intervention in the equipment. The value added by the equipment is therefore significantly increased.

NOA now also addresses greenfield installation, which often includes intelligent field devices designed to interact with NOA and cyber-physical systems (“I4.0 outputs”). Modular plants can also use NOA if data is to be exchanged via the cloud or if the equipment is to be optimised.

Added value for the equipment operator is generated via the processing, collation and interpretation of equipment data via monitoring and optimisation applications (M+O applications). Optimisation proposals for existing equipment are derived based on existing process information and the expertise of application partners (such as device manufacturers). The operator’s know-how remains totally protected – since M+O applications only have access to the data that they need and cannot access equipment data or individual devices.

Our Semodia team has been part of the NOA working groups since they were launched in 2016. You have the opportunity to have us analyse your NOA use cases. Our products always support you in the use of NOA technology.

The Semodia team will be happy to provide you with advice and support.

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