• NOAccess neueZeile your data

    Increase the value add from your plant by at least 25% by freeing up plant data via an additional communication channel. Using NOA.


Our SEMODIA NOA-ControlEngine is supplied as a C++ software development kit (SDK).

It combines all the necessary software components to quickly, reliably and flexibly introduce NOA devices (NOA gateways) and NOA M+O sensors (monitoring + optimisation sensors) according to NAMUR Open Architecture recommendations NE175, NE176 and NE177.

Our NOA-ControlEngine can be used to add existing gateways, controllers, Industrial Internet of Things or edge devices, and embedded systems like sensors to your solution portfolio, while your know-how and IP catalogue remain unaffected and protected.

Benefitting from our NOA-ControlEngine

module vendors

plant operators

engineering tool vendors

control system manufacturers

field device vendors

laboratory operators

Your benefits

More opportunities without risk

Expand your plant equipment without affecting your control technology.

Your knowledge is safe

Your plant data is only evaluated in read-only format, so your know-how remains protected.

Free and protected at the same time

The interface created by our NOA-ControlEngine is open and secure at the same time.

Monitoring 2.0

Our NOA-ControlEngine enables effective monitoring.

Next level profitability

The added value of brown field plants can be increased many times.

How it works

Technical details

As a flexible and modern C++ API, our NOA-ControlEngine can be used across platforms.

Our NOA-ControlEngine is based on the same principle as the MTP-ControlEngine, but rather than the MTP information model it is the NOA information model that is standardised in NAMUR recommendation NE176 which is normative.

With its software architecture the NOA-ControlEngine ensures compliance with the Security Gateway requirements according to NE177. Operation of the NOA-ControlEngine does not impact the plant and only offers the possibility of read access to device data.

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