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What is the Module
Type Package (MTP)?

MTP is a form of description semantics that enables you to easily and quickly reconfigure your highly flexible plants, laboratories or technical centers. So MTP-capability means that modules or devices integrated into a plant can be replaced more easily and are even more rapidly ready for use.

Who should use MTP?

module vendors

plant operators

engineering tool vendors

control system manufacturers

field device vendors

laboratory operators

Benefits of MTP

Get up and running quickly

Plug & Produce enables modules and devices to be integrated as easily as a printer with a PC.

Save resources

Shorten your time-to-market and changeover times and increase your efficiency.

One solution for all applications

Greater flexibility in your laboratories, technical centers and production facilities. Different processes and the production of different products on the same line are no longer a problem.

Escape vendor lock

Enables fast and simple communication between components of different automation manufacturers.

This is how it works

After export

is before import

We can show you how to use MTP!

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