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    Save 12+ hours of set-up time per device and integrate modules into your plant as easily as connecting a printer to a laptop.
    Using our MTP-Box.


By the MTP-Box of Semodia, your legacy equipment (such as valves, pumps, laboratory devices etc.) can be integrated to your laboratory or technical center by the Module Type Package for a modular design and control.

This makes the earliest stages of development in chemical and pharmaceutical product development much more flexible and makes it easier to react to ever-changing market needs. Our MTP-Box enables you to take the first step towards a modular plant without the cost of complete restructuring and without sacrificing the many advantages of the Module Type Package.

Benefitting from our MTP-Box

module vendors

plant operators

engineering tool vendors

control system manufacturers

field device vendors

laboratory operators

Your benefits

Rapid integration

Integrating equipment only takes a few minutes. This saves time and resources.


The reusability of your equipment increases significantly.

Faster switching

Faster reconfigurability means that more experiments than before can be executed in the same time in your laboratory and technical center.


A uniform look and feel is ensured in your laboratory information management systems and in your process control systems.

Safety first

Our MTP-Box enables the functionality of your device to be MTP-compliant as encapsulated services.

Easy upgrade

An MTP-Box can be used to upgrade any legacy equipment to the current MTP standard.

How it works

Technical details

The hardware element of an MTP-Box can be chosen depending on your use-case. Possible hardware includes Kunbus Revolution Pi, Raspberry Pi, and many other platforms. Communication with the legacy equipment is via its proprietary interfaces, such as serial protocols (e.g. RS-232), Modbus RTU/TCP, OPC UA, REST or standard signals (e.g. 4..20mA or 0 – 10V).

The software component of the MTP-Box is based on the MTP-ControlEngine which provides VDI/VDE/NAMUR 2658 compliant behaviour, protocol-specific drivers and an OPC UA server for communication. Each MTP-Box is delivered with an associated MTP that describes the functionality of the MTP-Box and enables rapid integration.


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