• MTPlatform: neueZeile the whole world of MTP

    Managing MTPs has never been easier: with edit, validate, save, research, download and upload MTPs via web-based editors, interface and search functions.


Our MTPlatform finally brings together all stakeholders in the modular process industry.

Current developments mean that the call for modular plants is becoming increasingly louder and also require that the time-to-market for chemical and pharmaceutical products be shortened.

Our MTPlatform offers a suitable marketplace to be able to compete in this area. Our MTPlatform offers all stakeholders an easy-to-use interface for editing and processing MTPs in accordance with the standards and in a secure manner.

Benefitting form out MTPlatform

module vendors

plant operators

engineering tool vendors

control system manufacturers

field device vendors

laboratory operators

Your benefits

Maximum time savings

Simple marketplace searching and purchase of suitable production modules equipped with standardised MTP.

Search and be found

Attractive advertising opportunities for module manufacturers to increase their reach and to target equipment and laboratory operators.

Easy editing

Enjoy the possibility of subsequently editing your MTP in compliance with the VDI/VDE/NAMUR 2658 standard.

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