MTP for the KROHNE OPTIMASS 6400 mass flowmeter

MTP for the KROHNE OPTIMASS 6400 mass flowmeter

The water meter in your home is a rather simple representative of its kind; mass flowmeters in the process industry have to be capable of so much more. They cope just as well with LPG at -200°C as with 2000 litres per hour of viscous tomato purée and are moreover fully digitised. In addition to the classic 4..20 mA/HART signal, they also communicate via common protocols like Modbus, Foundation Fieldbus, PROFIBUS, PROFINET and even Bluetooth. Previously there was no cross-manufacturer standard for the integration of modules, which is why mass flowmeters traditionally had to be manually integrated into the respective plants’ control system. That is associated with high expenditure, which is why SEMODIA has used its MTP-ControlEngine to quickly and easily make the OPTIMASS 6400 mass flowmeter MTP-capable.

All relevant contents in the MTP and the correct behaviour are mapped in compliance with the VDI/VDE/NAMUR 2658 standards.

So KROHNE and SEMODIA are jointly making a significant contribution to increasing the efficiency of modular process equipment at all architectural levels, thus helping to save resources in the process industry.

See for yourself the advantages of MTP in this video.